You can easily run this business from home, office or shop. Work part time or full time - It's your choice 
Sell in your own local area, sell online
OR maximise your income & do both. It's your business - You decide

Our start-up package gives you everything needed to start your own electronics sales business
 Access to quality stock, low trade prices, your own sales website, credit & debit card payment processing facilities, sale or return option & ongoing support - Sell our full range of Touchscreen Android Tablets, Laptops, Handheld PC's, Smart Phones, e-Cig's, Ink, Toner & Memory Cards etc etc - It's All Included!

Want to see what can be earned ? - Here's 5 Good Reasons To Start A Business Through Us.....
1 - Ebay listing number - 151060440966 - Selling the 32 GB Micro SD upgrade Card & Adaptor at £7.49.
Through this start-up package the trade price to you for the same product is £4.49. 
They have sold 2,357 cards at £7.49 each, taking in total £17,563.93 with a gross profit of

Click HERE to view the actual Ebay listing to see the figures for yourself
2 - Ebay listing number - 171096729667 - Selling the 64 GB Micro SD upgrade Card & Adaptor at £9.99.
Through this start-up package the trade price to you for the same product is
They have sold 1,367 Cards at £9.99 each, taking in total £13,656.33 with a gross profit of

Click HERE to view the actual Ebay listing, see the figures for yourself!
3 - Ebay listing number - 221248980702 - Selling the 7" Touchscreen Android Tablet at £49.99.
Through this start-up package the trade price to you for the same product is £34.00.
They have sold 4,676 Tablets at £49.99 each, taking in total £233,753.24 with a gross profit of

Click HERE to view the actual Ebay listing, see the figures for yourself!
4 - Ebay listing number - 271297151421 - Selling e-Cigarette starter kits at £16.99 + £2.20 p&p = £19.19.
Through this start-up package the trade price to you for the same product is
They have sold 83 Starter Kits at £19.19 each, taking in total £1,592.77 with a gross profit of

Click HERE to view the actual Ebay listing, see the figures for yourself!
5 - Ebay listing number - 281125212802 - Selling 10ml bottles of e-Liquid at £2.75.
Through this start-up package the trade price to you for the same product is
They have sold 5,595 Bottles at £2.75 each, taking in total £15,386.25 with a gross profit of

Click HERE to view the actual Ebay listing, see the figures for yourself!
The five examples above have a combined gross profit of over £99,000, the business start-up package 
we offer gives you the opportunity to sell these these (and many more) popular profitable products. 
We offer hundreds of different products, from Tablets, Laptops and Smartphones to e-Cigs & Memory Cards
The examples above show the potential profit on just 5 of our products - What Could YOU Earn?


Our proposition is simple, purchase a start-up package from us and we will put you in a position to start your own business running Ebay listings like the ones shown above as well as selling on other sites like Amazon and selling online generally etc. We will build you a sales website featuring our products at your selling prices and you will get credit & debit  card payment processing built-in. 
You get to set your OWN selling prices, work the hours YOU want to AND keep all of your own profits!

Sell Locally Via Free Ads  Sell on Ebay etc  -  Sell Online  -  Sell to Friends & Family
You choose how much work to do... You set your selling prices... You decide how much you earn ! 

  No Need To Bulk Buy - You Can Easily Start Slowly If You Like And Build Up Your Sales As You Go
Even if you did only half as well over the year..... What would the extra cash mean to you?
All of the above is from just 5 simple Ebay listings - Imagine the profits if you run 10 or 20 listings....
See the 'Profit Examples' page for more illustrations of potential profits
That You Can Easily Verify

Remember..... for even more profits you can easily run multiple Ebay listings. You can also sell on sites such as Amazon, Ebid & Gumtree etc. The business start-up package we offer gives you access to hundreds of different top selling products such as Android Tablets, USB Drives, Inks, Smartphones, e-Cig's, Laptops & Netbooks etc etc... all at genuine low trade prices - Start YOUR future TODAY!

No Technical Knowledge Needed
- We Provide Ongoing Support To Both You AND Your Customers
To help you make the most out of your business we provide you with comprehensive ongoing website and product support. We also offer advice on the best ways to advertise and promote your business.

Do You Working During The Day Or Have Other Commitments? - Our 'Live Help' System Is The Answer
he sales website we build for you also includes a built-in 'Live Help' system that is manned by our fully trained UK based support staff. They will be able to answer any questions from your customers just as if they were working for you as part of your business - Great for building customer confidence!
This system is totally anonymous
so that your customers cannot find out our details, this keeps your source of supply confidential yet still allows you to offer a fantastic service - the key to great profits.

click HERE for many more checkable examples of profitability. note - sales figures and selling prices checked 22/10/2013

 Start A REAL Business Selling REAL Products & Earn REAL Money!
Start-up package includes a professionally designed and easy to run e-Commerce website
a choice of two top quality designs and all features listed below come as standard
Website Features Include.....
Domain name of your choice - registered for you in your name
Comes with web hosting and email
Pre-loaded with a massive range of ready priced top quality stock
Secure credit & debit card payment processing facilities built-in
Automatic email notification of orders & payments
Dropship service - No stock to buy or hold
Easy to operate menu driven owners control panel
Easily add your own products, run special offers and change your selling prices etc.
Ongoing support and advice from our friendly staff
No experience needed - Start trading TODAY!
Click the image to view the demo sites - see how your own website will look and function
Your Free Sales Website... fully built & set up for you as part of the start-up package
You will receive a free e-commerce sales website as part of your business start-up package. This website will be designed and fully set-up for you by our web designer, it will come pre-loaded with over 1000 product lines and will be ready to accept credit & debit card payments from your customers.

Your website will be available to anyone with an internet connection and gives your new business another great way to generate sales & profits - grab your share of the internet sales boom today!

  ....It's not about just one individual product or one way of selling though             
             our complete Business Start-up Package gives you much much more....


The trade prices shown above are taken straight from our trade price list and INCLUDE vat. You will have full access to our stock once you purchase a start-up package, all products are guaranteed and come with a parts & labour warranty. Further examples of our trade prices can be found on the 'TRADE PRICES' page of this site. We are also happy to send out a full trade price list by email on request. Please email or call us on 01269 850 692

Also includes access to our range of Laptops, Mobile Phones, Smart Phones & Tablet PC's
New Tablets
from £29  -  Smartphones from £12 -  Touchscreen Handheld PC's from £15

e-Cig's from £4.85  -  SD Cards from £4.49 -  Camcorder's from £25 - Ink Cartridges from 26p
Top Brand Names & Top Selling Products - Give You Even More Great Ways To Earn !!

We are looking for a person who would like to run their own business selling a wide range of fully guaranteed laptops, mobile phones, e-cig's & tablet PC's together with our huge range of ink cartridges, laser toners & PC accessories etc.
You can either start a new business or add our products to your existing business. Choose to work from the comfort of your own home or work from your office or shop premises. 
Our business start-up package will give you access to a wide range of top brand products at trade prices that allow you to earn superb profits and build a genuine long term business selling real products that earn you real money! 


Getting started is easy, simply order your start-up package and by working with you we'll aim to have your new business up and running as quickly as we can. This is normally within just 2 or 3 working days - including having your new sales website online and ready to take orders!
 Normally £495 - Start your business TODAY for just £299
The 'Buy Now' button below will take you to the PayPal website where you can pay securely for your business start-up package. 
Once payment is made we will confirm receipt of your order by email and send you a welcome pack by 1st class post. Our web designer will start work on your new sales website and we aim to have you online and ready to trade as soon as possible!

Start Today for just £299 - Genuine Trade Prices - Speedy Set-up - Full Support

Our Guarantee - For your peace of mind we are happy to guarantee that all statements made on this website are true and accurate. This includes all stated trade prices and all aspects of the start-up package we offer.
Start a REAL Business - Selling REAL Products - Earn REAL Money!
We have NO minimum orders and all laptops we sell are cleaned and tested prior to sale. All products we sell are in full working order and for your peace of mind are supplied to you with a hardware parts & labour warranty. & remember... Once you're up & running, sites like Ebay give you a ready made marketplace to start selling - It's simple, straight forward & easy to do!

Your new business can be up and running in just three easy stages



Two Great Ways To Sell ....... Two Great Ways To Earn
Dropshipping & Sale or Return options are INCLUDED in the start-up package

Sell Online Throughout The UK
Dropshipping Makes it Easy
Sell Throughout Your Own Local Area
Sale Or Return Makes It Easy
  • Sell Via The Free Website We Build For You
  • Sell Using Auction & Shopping Sites
  • Sell Online Via Email Marketing
  • Sell Via Online Classified Ad's
  • Use Facebook & Twitter etc.....
  • Drop-shipping Service - Included
    No investment in stock required. We hold all stock & we deliver your orders direct to your customers for you. This means you've no stock to hold & no packaging to do etc etc...
  • Sell To Friends, Family & Work Colleagues
  • Sell To Your Local Community
  • Sell Using Your Local 'Free Ad's' Papers
  • Sell Locally Using Classified Ad's
  • Word Of Mouth & Leaflets etc.....
  • Sale / Return - Included
    Minimum risk, maximum potential. Allows you to purchase stock for local sale and if it doesn't sell you can return it to us for a credit against fresh stock, full details below.
Sell Online, Sell Locally Or Why Not Get The Best Of Both Worlds & Do Both...
It's Your Business - You Choose How You Sell - You Choose How You Earn!
Sale or Return Option Available On All Products You Buy For Resale
Take the worry out of buying and holding stock - Never be left holding stock you can't sell
What is Sale or Return?

Simply put, sale or return allows you to purchase products for resale with a safeguard. It allows you to purchase any product from our stock knowing that if a particular model does not sell you can return it for a credit which you can use to buy alternative products. It gives you peace of mind when buying stock.
How does it work?
When you place an order simply let us know that you would like your order on sale or return. We will then arrange this as part of the purchase. Sale or return agreements last for 30 days from the date of purchase, at any time within the 30 days you can decide to return products covered by your sale or return agreement for a credit against alternative models from our stock, all products returned under a sale or return agreement must be returned as supplied.
Sale or Return Example
See below for an example of sale or return in action:
  • Lets say you decide to buy 6 laptops from us for resale, 2 Dell's, 2 HP's and 2 Toshiba's
  • You ask for Sale or Return when making your purchase
  • After a time you have sold the Dell's and HP's but not had a buyer for the Toshiba's
  • You decide to return the two Toshiba laptops for a credit against alternative models
  • We inspect the returned laptops and authorise the credit
  • You choose alternatives from our stock and use the credit to pay for them
  • You can then carry on selling and more importantly, carry on earning
Overview - Ordering Process & What Happens Once You Order
Your start-up package can be purchased online by clicking the Paypal button, or by clicking HERE. We also welcome orders by telephone on 01269 850 692 or in person at our premises. We welcome payment by all major credit & debit cards, by bank transfer and Paypal payments. If you would like to pay a visit to our offices and make a purchase in person please feel free to call or email for an appointment.

Once you place an order with us we will acknowledge receipt of your order by email. We will also send you a welcome pack by 1st class recorded delivery, this pack will take you through the start-up process step by step. The welcome pack will also contain your printed trade price lists, a web design form and a range of useful information relating to starting and running your new business.

At the same time our web designer will start to produce your new sales website and once the site is uploaded he will test it with you. This will allow you to become familiar with what happens when orders are placed on your site and how you receive customer payments etc. The site set-up process normally takes between 2 & 5 working days and we are here by telephone & email to answer any questions you may have during set-up.

Got A Question? ...Need more details?
If you have a question about any aspect of the start-up package or would just like a general chat about what is involved in starting a business through us please feel free to call on 01269 850 692. Our office is open from 9.30 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday, we are also happy to answer your questions by email anytime on 

 If you're interested in getting started.... we'd love to hear from you

About us - Laptop Offers & Alma Group are part of Starside Computing Limited. We are a trading company with offices in Dartford, Kent and offices, meeting rooms, workshops and warehouse in Ammanford, South Wales. We specialise in the sale of top quality new Tablet PC's and ex-corporate used laptops together with ink cartridges and laser toners. We also offer a range of used mobile phones, touch-screen smart phones and hand-held PC's. All products are tested, guaranteed and are supplied with a hardware parts and labour warranty.

We have over 1
6 years of experience in this industry and offer our resellers a huge range of products. We are a UK based Limited Company and our company number is 06741415. For your peace of mind, we have premises you are welcome to visit and staff that you are welcome to meet.
To ask a question or arrange a meeting please call 01269 850 692 or send an email to 
We keep many different brands and models in stock and you are welcome to see samples of these when you come to see us. The laptops we sell are all from major brand names such as Dell, IBM, Toshiba, Fujitsu-Siemens, Compaq and HP. All products are fully tested and supplied with a hardware parts & labour warranty. We have NO minimum order requirements - simply set up your business then buy what you need, when you need it. Order for local sale or have your orders dropshipped direct to your customers - You decide.
The navigation menu to the left of the page will take you through our offer to those who want to start a new business. We hope that the information on this site can answer most questions however if you would like to go over any aspect of this business opportunity in more detail please feel free to email or call.

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